Juror Exemption Information

EXCUSE FROM SERVICE: Jurors will only be excused if serving will cause an undue or extreme physical or financial hardship. Reasons for excusal: (1) Mental or physical hardship (doctor’s statement required on form available in Clerk’s Office or downloadable below; (2) Financial hardship (does the juror work for an employer who is not required to compensate juror and declines to do so voluntarily) (affidavit required); (3) The juror is a caregiver for personal care of a person without a substitute caregiver available (affidavit required).

An affidavit is a document that the requesting Juror must be sworn to, thereby confirming the facts stated within the affidavit.

Any juror who requests disqualification pursuant to the above (Nos. 1-3) shall report to the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office at least seven (7) days before their report date to complete the appropriate affidavit and/or to deliver an appropriate doctor’s statement.

Affidavit Documents:

Failure to provide satisfactory documentation may result in the denial of a request to be excused.

Pursuant to TCA 22-1-103, Effective January 1, 2009, all competent adults summoned must serve unless excused.

For sole professional practitioners: A former absolute exemption has been eliminated.